Bison Classic Range

Nearly 17 years ago Bison was founded by Designer Brian Tunks with the aim to create beautiful, yet functional, pieces for the home. Drawing on the same principles as the artisans who created the Bronze Age cave paintings in Altamira, our Bison logo evolved to mirror those deceptively simple forms. Archaeological sites around the globe from Istanbul to Mexico City are built on the lives and designs of preceding cultures. Their architecture and iconography gives us an insight in to the daily lives of our ancestors, and the utensils and vessels they used. 
Our Classic range doesn't seek to reinvent the wheel… simply to reinterpret it. Each piece is designed, along with our rich colour palette, based on a personal experience or reflection. Our milk bottles stem from handleless jugs at my grandmother's home. The mixing sets from baking and the battle over who got the spoon versus the bowl. Cucina platters originate from outdoor summer dining in Sweden with an endless supply of seafood. Our fågel pitchers are based on geese and their spouts reflect the indolent way they hold their heads as they walk. Each memory resonates with us and in the same manner we try to convey it to others. Who says good design can't nourish the soul?