Bison Poplar Range

Bison created the Poplar Series to celebrate the Centenary of Canberra in 2013. As with our Classic Collection we wanted to design a range which referenced something about the region which has been our home for over 21 years. Out at Lake George, where the Hume Highway diverges, stands an avenue of elegant poplar trees. Each season their colours change and they remind weary drivers that home is not far away and that the hauntingly beautiful setting is a stark contrast to the political life of our city. 

Memories of childhood and rural properties with poplars running down to the home paddock are also melded together with ancient history. Designers in the ancient world, particularly those of the Augustan Period in Rome, often used slip-casting and relief work on their forms. Sometimes the motifs would be hand applied with a sprig-mold, such as those with wild animals or gladiators (particularly from North Africa) and stamped on the base with the maker's mark. In a way it was the ancient version of applying point of difference… kind of like fashion today mining for inspiration in textures and earlier decades. Maybe on a subconscious level the arena of political life here in Canberra has a parallel with its namesake in Ancient Rome!