Our Story

Bison was founded in 1997 by Creative Director Brian Tunks. 

Brian attended school in Scandinavia and subsequently trained in ancient history and archaeology at the Australian National University. Combined with a love of Asian ceramics this fusion of traditions resulted in the pared-back aesthetic with simple lines and pure colours that characterizes Bison design classics. 

Brian’s post-graduate training included regular archaeological digs in the Middle East excavating a Hellenistic site on the Euphrates River. His experience of unearthing and analysing ancient pottery added a further dimension to his design aesthetic and his knowledge of ancient techniques was applied to his own collection. Speaking of ancient inspiration, even our Bison logo draws its origin back to the elegant simplicity of Bronze Age cave paintings in Altamira in Spain.

Fast forward some 16 years and Bison has evolved from a purely ceramic company to bisonhome, a lifestyle range with ceramics at its heart. Over the years, Bison products have become Australian design classics and are a staple item in many homes around the world. To produce them, our artisans draw on knowledge and inspiration which can be traced back over the millennia; they use the finest materials; and they produce pieces in a huge range of colours and textures.

Bisonhome proudly collaborates and produces with studios in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and India. All pieces in our collections are designed by Brian in Canberra. We know you will enjoy our beautifully crafted range.