care instructions

bison care

Thank you for supporting Bison. We are proud of our beautiful, practical and highly durable products. We hope they give you years of enjoyment.

ceramic care

All Bison ceramics are made from high quality stoneware. Our products are food-safe and can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. Although stoneware is tough, all ceramics are breakable and will eventually show signs of wear and tear. You can greatly extend the life and beauty of your Bison by taking some simple precautions.

Exposing ceramics to rapid extreme temperature changes can reduce their life. If you warm your Bison ceramics in the oven, be careful that a sudden cold shock doesn’t cause them to crack. Avoid plunging an extremely hot item into cold conditions or visa versa. Avoid putting a very hot dish directly onto a cold benchtop. Gradual warming and cooling is best.

Repeated contact with hard edges might cause marking or chipping. We suggest you avoid striking the edges of ceramic items and try not to let them vibrate against each other in the dishwasher.

All Bison glazes are lead-free and food-safe, but cracks can provide a haven for bacteria and using crazed or unglazed ceramics for food is not recommended.

Bison glazes are highly stain resistant. Stubborn marks can usually be removed with ceramic cooktop cleaner.

When placing objects on furniture you should take care to avoid scratching. We lightly sand the footring of Bison ceramics after firing. It is quite safe to use fine sandpaper to do additional smoothing if necessary.

glassware care

Glass is a medium which has fascinated designers for millennia. It possesses enormous fluidity in colour and texture, and offers the creator brilliant translucency to play with. A hint of sunshine can transform a colour and invoke a mood. These wonderful qualities inspired me to imagine our first glass pieces for bison. 

All of our glass vessels are blown. For our more refined glassware (Moorea Hi-Ball glasses and Bora Bora tumblers) we recommend hand-washing. Our vases may be washed by hand in mild water with detergent. One trick to give any glass a beautiful sheen is to wash them in cold water and drip or towel dry afterwards.

Bison has evolved to become a global company and we are always seeking like-minded artisans to share our creative vision. Our vessels are designed by bison in Australia and produced by a family-run studio in Thailand (since the 1950's) and a facility in India which manufactures our highly regarded pieces. Our new glass collection form the core of a range which complements our classic ceramic series.